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LS11sVaultBoy wrote:
Mantiix wrote:
One True Slash wrote:
What's your proof that behind this shit is Super, Mant and Indep, other than you don't like them, they're evil 101010101010101? Indep got into a fight with Xal, because Xal wanted Indep to remove Monk from his friends list, and they have zero history with Vault. You know what else is possible? You making socks and vandalising yourself to throw shit at them. Didn't you swore to avenge them for "backstabbing" you? Next thing you'll say, is that it was ME behind the socks all along.

Exactly, stop with that MHM or you can get blocked yourself. Don't create any accounts or something.
There is so far no proof that it is him making the accounts, it actually seems like all the people who hate him are conspiring against him in some way to get him permanently blocked.


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