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.unknowncommander wrote:
Mantiix wrote:
As I write to you boomer, a simply myth investigation by me has been escalated into a personal attack thread. As we witness again that a certain GTA wiki user named monkeypolice has once again returned to cause drama and criticise wiki establishment. The content posted by me included a rare elegy myth that was denounced by some users, it's perfectly alright but these users escalated to lodge a delete vote on the well-made page instead of a cleanup if necessary. As you can see the voting pattern as same intentions and people that stood against Goatman thread and I believe this will not end with the deletion but will turn into a coup against the wiki establishment as a certain faction is destroying this wiki lead by Gunshow.
why did you have to respark the argument

Because he wants Boomer to block me because apparently I'm causing an argument, even though I have done nothing of a kind. I will no longer be responding to messages on this thread, as Mantiix will only use them against me.

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