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  • So basically, i was just investigating the Abandoned Dock area, which is a myth location within GTA SA for my new YouTube channel. I'd assume this was probably a glitch but while i was recording some bikes just seemed to fall straight through the bridge opposite the old shed. I managed to get closer a few times and zoom in with my camera on what was happening. 

    What do you guys think of it? Probably just a glitch but certainly strange. I cut the bit out where it happened. 

    Ps: When the video cut out and i got on the bridge, the bike that was glitching was no longer there. Not sure if it was the one riding off.
    Odd gta sa glitch? (teaser for next video)

    Odd gta sa glitch? (teaser for next video)

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    • It's a bug. The same thing I encounter on GTA Vice City's mission The Chase on Prawn Island's bridge 11 years ago.

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