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  • Hey Mant, I remember from events before that this isn't a topic for GTA Myths wiki, but I hope you won't mind me saying.

    You're originally from Lithuania, right? On Staff page the flag colors match the pattern on the one of Lithuania. As it states on my page, I'm from Croatia. Why am I saying this? 'Cause I just read something on another website that may need to be considered by the two of us.

    According to World Bank, our two nations are two fastest dying out nations in the world, with Lithuania being the first by that rate and Croatia second. I just read it couple of minutes before writing this message.

    What you think of that, bro? Things aren't looking good for us. :(

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    • Oh that is sad. I currently live in Germany so I probably should not think about it a lot. Lithuania is indeed a poor country and was a long time, you can see how Lithuanians suffer when you take a look at a list of countries with the highest suicide count.

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    • Yeah, that too. I avoided the details - it's too many of them. But, some are worth mentioning. You named some, and there's also low birth rate, emigration of the domestic population and so on and on... It's not my opinion, it's a fact, but a very sad fact, my man.

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