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  • Hello fellow myth hunters. I was playing GTA V today and decided to go around some rural areas. When I was near Cape Catfish, I noticed some figure near the bridge. I immediately took a screenshot, right before my game crashed, so I could only take one. I investigated the screenshot and identified the creature as Goatman, due to its goat-like appearance. You can take a look. Tell me your thoughts about it.

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    • Hard to tell, but based on the sheer size of the figure and the location you saw it makes me believe it's Goatman. Also the leg size and placement look similar to the original Boomer photo. Nice finding Indep!

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    • Seems like a size of goatman as I saw in boomer's sighting. Can you search the area more and see if anything more you can find? It's a good find no doubt my bro!

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