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  • So I opened up my dusty GTA SA on PC the other day, and had some fun, but today I've decided to myth hunt a bit, because its been a pretty darn long time since I've hunted, this morning I have found nothing, but then I was investigating BoB, and found something looking like the Woods Creature, when I ran back at the area where I've seen the thing, there wasn't any bush or a small tree, only a rock nearby, so you can share your opinion on this "thing".

    Here's another picture to get a better look, just look closer at the screen, and you'll see the shape of a person.

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    • Yo, nice find here. That thing looks like a very small version of Bigfoot. Could be potentially the true Woods Creature look.

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    • Really doesn't look like much to me other than fog.  I've spotted the "creature" in the photo, but it could just be an example of pareidolia. 

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    • To be honest, I don't know what I'm looking, but unknown has good point.

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