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  • I've seen cris formage appear to my character in a cutscene after i die. And i also remember hearing his vioce telling michael to donate to the epsilon after michael gets beat up by the two epsilon members. Would that make cris formage a god(divine) or just some kind of alien?

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    • 1) Cris Formage talks to Michael through speakers when Michael wakes up near the mysterious satellites in Sandy Shores after his encounter with the two Epsilon Members.

      2) I'll say this, however: It is weird that Cris Formage can hover in the air during the GTA: Online cutscene. It is either A) imaginative or B) real. If it is real, then that would suggest that the whole cults belief is legit and that all of their so-called facts and... well, facts. This is unlikely, however - as the Epsilon Program is a parody of the real life cult called Scientology. If you go on the Epsilon Program website in real life, you'll be able to make a donation, which will be sent to a place called Cayman Islands, Grand Canaria. Now, Grand Canaria doesn't exist, but Gran Canaria does. So it's probably Rockstar's version of Gran Canaria, just like Los Angeles is named Los Santos in GTA V and GTA SA. Anyways, Cayman Island is infamous for being a place filled with scammers in real life, so this proves just how "legit" the Epsilon Program really is. I can't make any comment on Cris Formage being an alien right now, because there's no proof of it. He is certainly a strange and unordinary person, though.

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    • What about the "Alien Tract"? Wouldn't that somewhat prove epsilonism being "true"? I think it's like an undecipherable code where those reading it will be grants knowledge to the secrets of the universe and advanced technology. And it also warns something about some type of future apocalypse. Cris formage mentioned it on a commercial. Saying that only those who are willing to read it will understand or something.

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    • This is certainly interesting. Honestly, I never looked that much into the Epsilon Program, as I thought they were fake. I just looked up their members and found out that Maccer from GTA: San Andreas was one of them. I'll definitely look more into it. I also believe all of the universes are somehow connected. I made a forum post about it, but I think I was reaching a little bit too much when I wrote it. Anyways, you may be onto something here. Good luck! We'll talk again soon, once I've found more information.

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    • Now i read more about some stuff about epsilonism is that according to one of its tenets, the earth is 157 years old. But i also remember reading the gta hd timeline saying that los santos was founded in 1781. Epsilonism seems like it's semi-bs.

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    • The Epsilon Program: Part I - Proof Needed

      I'll admit. I have yet to read that much into what the Epsilon Program is all about. But, from what I've seen in the past, a few questions emerges:

      1) Do they really have as much power as they claim to have?

      2) Is Kraff and Krant legitimate characters that play a part in the making of the HD-Universe?

      3) Where does the Epsilon Program originate from? How did Cris Formage create it?

      4) What is the real purpose of the Spectrometer, and is there really a 3rd hidden one?

      I do not have the answers to any of these questions at the moment, but what I do know is that we've been shown little-to-no evidence that supports their claims. Some things remain unexplainable, however. Like the encounter with Cris Formage when our GTA: Online characters die for the first time. I would say that it is imaginary, created by our GTA: Online character's brains after being injured badly. But, I don't think that the GTA: Online characters have met Cris Formage before. If the encounter was real, this creates the questions: what really happened? Did he appear physically, or was it all in our character's minds? We need to find more answers before we can explain this. This is a list of weird stuff that needs to be explained before we can say anything conclusive:

      1) What is the "Spectrometer"? What is its purpose? Why does Omega have one? Is there a third one? Quotes from the Altruists suggest so.

      2) What really happened during the meeting with Cris Formage in GTA: Online?

      3) How much power do they have? Are they supposed to be the in-game version of Scientology or "Illuminati"?

      There may be more, but this is the current list. An update will be made as soon as I'm able to read mote about the Epsilon Program.

      Thank you for reading, and feel free to correct me if there is anything you know that I don't.

      - GTA_Myth_Hunter01 aka. FromDvToZombies - "Myth hunting is like detective work. You never know what leads you may find."

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    • Torenresh wrote:
      Now i read more about some stuff about epsilonism is that according to one of its tenets, the earth is 157 years old. But i also remember reading the gta hd timeline saying that los santos was founded in 1781. Epsilonism seems like it's semi-bs.

      Maybe Cris Formage is really an alien who invaded Earth 157 years ago......

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