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  • Hello, fellow Myth Hunters! How have your day been? I've got a theory for you. It's incomplete, and lacks a lot of information, but it'll do for now:

    As we all know, it is commonly known that there are Multiple GTA Universes. I'd like to think that it's true, especially when Rockstar Games has acknowledged this fact in the past. But, there's a few things that really goes against the very logic of the statement itself.

    Here's the problem: Certain characters from the 3D Universe either gets referenced, or makes an actual appearance in a game from the HD Universe. Lazlow Jones and Fernando Martinez are good examples. But even if we look past the fact that theses are "radio station hosts", there are still more characters that appear in some way, shape or form. OG Loc is the strangest one. He is not seen in the HD Universe, but he gets referenced in a way that makes it seem that he's a part of the HD Universe as well. This next bit is copied straight from the GTA Wiki:

    1) In Grand Theft Auto IV, a copy of OG Loc's sole album, "Str8 From Tha Streetz", can be found in Niko Bellic's safehouse in South Bohan, in Luis Lopez's safehouse in Northwood, and in the DJ area in Bahama Mamas.

    2) Additionally, in Grand Theft Auto V, in Franklin Clinton's second safehouse, there is a gold album with OG Loc's name on it. This can also be viewed in the "heist room" of apartments with 10-car garages in the online mode. OG Loc CDs can also be see in Franklin's safehouses near stereo systems and in Jimmy De Santa's rooms in the enhanced versions of GTA V.

    3) A tour poster in Whispymound Drive also advertises OG Loc's OriGinal Tour and Down and Dirty tour.

    4) OG Loc also has a star on the Vinewood Walk of Fame.

    So, here's my thoughts on this:

    Seeing a picture of, say, CJ inside of Franklin's safehouse is just an easter egg, because it's hidden behind a book or something like that. That's the definition of an easter egg. Something that is hidden, but that can be found if you look for it. The references to OG Loc, however - they're different. The fact that his sole album is found inside of GTA IV, means that the album was released in the HD Universe as well. The fact that Franklin has a Gold Album inside of his safehouse, means the same thing. The fact that there's a Tour poster, means that OG Loc is on a tour inside of the HD Universe. And lastly, the fact that he has a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, would entail that he received it inside of the HD Universe as well.

    I only wanted to focus on OG Loc this time around. I wrote everything quickly, and I'll go back and fix the grammar some other day. I'll also expand upon this theory as I remember/receive more information. If you have any other suggestions of something that could fit into this theory, please tell me.

    - GTA_Myth_Hunter01

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    • I always thought of it like this. There are references, and appearences of 3D universe characters in HD universe. Even 2D universe characters in 3D universe like El Burro. So you are right.

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    • Almost all radio DJs from the 3D universe were on the Wall of Fame, it doesn't mean anything.

      Some characters (such as El Burro) exist in all three universes, but that doesn't make them all the same person.

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