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  • have been roaming around San Andreas. I was driving around in the Alamo Sea and I was exploring and I see a parked Beater Surfer Next too a bridge. As you see the Right-door is opened it isn't Locked. I explored more and there was 2 Water Towers there was also a ladder on them I climbed up and see 2 Bodies on top (I shot them to check if they where drunk passed out or something
    ) there was no blood on them before I shot the bodies Can anyone tell me what happened to them?(sorry for my bad English)

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    • Alright, give us images that these corpses were indeed on the top and not somewhere else?

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    • " (I shot them to check if they where drunk passed out or something)" Alright, no offense, but that makes it seem like they were completely fine on their own, you just shot them to for the "myth".

      I won't go too far as to assume that's the case, but that sentence seems like a utter excuse. 

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    • alright i found them again(blame my english)

      I found another group and all of a sudden they went down 

      No Blood,No Bullets


      Another group

      Dis guy

      This this enough?

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    • You could have just added them through some modification and killed them in that location, that would explain the blood.

      about new pics without blood: perhaps you knocked them out and that's it.

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    • Alright sorry, I just saw a video about some people doing yoga in the towers and when you take one of these people on one water tower out, everyone who did yoga including on other water tower will "die". However, you mentioned that they were passed out on the tower, but on the video they were doing yoga. Interesting.

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