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  • Vincenzo Cilli is one of the main antagonists of GTA Liberty City Stories. I'll assume you already know LCS' story so I won't elaborate it much.

    He's killed inside a ship in a mission called "The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade" which is an obvious node to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. After you kill Vincenzo, if you go to the cemetery in Bedford Point you can find Vincenoz's gravestone with "Not so lucky after all" written on it, this cemetery doesn't exist in GTA Advance and GTA III and is replaced by an opera house, meaning the cemetery was removed or replaced at some point between 1998 and 2000. Could this be because the cemetery was haunted by ghosts? The cemetery actually has a bunch of people buried that are killed throughout the storyline so it could not necessarily be Vincenzo's ghost.

    But the interesting thing is not the cemetery, but it's location in which he's killed. Vincenzo will set up a trap to have you killed inside the ship by defected Leone members equipped with chainsaws, that's strange considering Vincenzo is not much of a psychopath. After you kill Vincenzo, you can equip the Overalls, an outfit consisting of blue overalls and a hockey mask which is an obvious nod to Jason Vorhees who wears similar clothing. If you wear the Overalls and come back to the ship you can play Slash TV, a minigame where you have to "Kill all the deranged psychopaths! They just keep on coming." which is a pretty strange description. Why would there be "deranged psychopaths" inside a ship where you killed someone? Could these psychopaths be the ghosts of Vincenzo's men? Or maybe Vincenzo's ghost appears as a bunch of psychopaths rather than a single entity? Why is it called Smash TV? I know it's obviously a reference to the 1990 arcade game Smash TV, a game this side mission was obviously based on. The "TV" in it looks very distinctive, I don't think the cranky Toni Cipriani would call up a TV channel and say "Hey, I killed this guy in a very elaborate way. You want to come and film me do it again?" so why is it "Slash TV"?

    If it isn't Vincenzo's ghost, then I think Slash TV must be a myth of its own, you can only start the side-mission between 6PM and 5AM and while wearing an outfit that was also worn by a fictional serial killer. You have to kill "deranged psychopaths" who are homeless people with chainsaws in the first level and chicken mascots in the second level, both of who drop large amounts of money when killed. Completing the first level will award you with a minigun, and the second will with a rocket launcher.

    What are your thoughts? Is Slash TV proof of Vincenzo's ghost or just a silly side-mission?

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    • Smash TV is yet another reference to Knife After Dark and Twilight Knife. Both of these films are based on Jason's life and deranged psychopaths. So I think that psychopaths are a reference to Smash TV and the ghost is unlikely. It would be great if you make a page on both the ghost and the smash TV, and mention all the stuff there, a quick glance at Knife After Dark and Twilight Knife pages will also help a lot. Good work.

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    • I sure could. Thanks for the reply.

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