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    Hey there! I was playing GTA V, when I stumbled across a possible TTCM (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) reference. It is a cow, which is scripted to walk into the road. If the player is going really fast, they may not see it and hit it.

    But how does this refer to TTCM? Well, in the first minutes of the movie, the pack are driving, when a woman on a bike is threatening them with a sawn-off shotgun. Next, the driver gets a gun and aims backwards. However, he doesn't see the cow just few meters away, thus hitting it. link

    However, even though it is scripted, it might not be a reference to TTCM.

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    • This is the furthest stretch I've ever seen in the history of myths, congratulations.

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    • There are dozens of scripted suicidal animals.  A coyote on the Senora Freeway always runs out, a deer just past the Calafia Bridge, etc. 

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    • I think that all animal spawns in GTA V are predetermined. At least, thanks to that one Epsilon mission, I have the spawn points of all cougars in the desert burned into my brain.

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