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  • So uh, just looking through old myths, and when I was watching the "Possessed Docktug" video, at the start, I noticed something.

    At 0:16, you notice a person, with a backpack it looks so? staring at the ocean. It looks pretty scary as you dont see NPC's just staring out at the ocean. He does not move, but it's definetly not edited in as 1. he's in singleplayer. 2. his foot, like any real NPC in grass, is covered, by grass. it would take pretty hard photoshop to do that. so uh, what is it?

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    • That is just someobody who's participating in the triathalon, as the minimap shows.

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    • Ah, okay, I noticed the triathalon on the minimap, but didn't think he was part of him because it was night and how blankly he stood.

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