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    Doehler Metal Furniture in real life.


    Elbee Chemists in real life.

    I was doing some detective work recently to find the origins of the businesses on Prawn Island, namely Doehler Metal Furniture and Elbee Chemists. What I discovered is that these buildings are located in Queens, New York, rather than anywhere in Vice City. While I haven't researched too deep into this yet, it may open the door to a few potential new mysteries. For example, the Queensboro Bridge that connects Manhattan and Queens, is well known for supposed ghost sightings (these were even parodied in the movie Ghostbusters.)It's possible that the North Bridge is based off this bridge and is haunted (the nearby sunken Reefer may be responsible, as those onboard were killed when the vessel sunk. Funny enough, Elbee Chemists officially closed sometime in 2002, so it's unlikely that this texture was a leftover from GTA III.
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