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  • Yeah, a new format of thread! A VS BATTLE THREAD. So, i've came with some myths and legends in GTA San Andreas and i have the idea to put them to fight. So, here are the fights, you can just put who wins and why, let the battles begin:

    1. Bigfoot vs Yeti (Both Misterix mod versions)

    2. Kifflom vs Slenderman (Kifflom is in his Xander Files Plus version)

    3. Leatherface vs Jason (Both Misterix mod versions)

    4. Lizardman vs Cave Demons (Both Misterix mod versions)

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    • 1.) Bigfoot vs yeti

      • Greater strength.

      2.) Kifflom Slenderman

      • A literal god versus some tall guy in the woods. An unfair match.

      3.) Leatherface vs Jason

      • Jason has high resilience but Leatherface's chainsaw will completely drain him, especially if he gets knocked down...

      4.) Lizardman vs Cave Demons

      • They have the higher numerical advantage and can take on the Lizardman in all 4 directions. Plus, if they are fighting in the Fort Carson cave, there is no way of escaping.
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    • The bigfoot vs yeti one would probably end in a draw as both are similar creatures.

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