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  • Last hello to all users of the wiki, I'm Mantiix, as many of you know me, and I decided to leave this wiki and wikia as a whole. My reason isn't the drama, but my private life. School is really important to me, I want to concentrate to it more than ever before, because my future is very important. Me, Mantiix, who made over 4200 edits, user of the month once, administrator decided to leave once and for all. Theorizing, myth hunting, editing were nice hobbies for me. Exactly 2 years passed since I joined this wiki. You bureaucrats made a good job creating this wiki, this wiki is special and unique. Thank you, really.

    I really enjoyed to edit, theorize, myth hunt with you guys...big thanks to One True Slash, TheIndepedent40, Gunshow20, Boomer8, Sasquatch101.
    and also to our users who were amazing in the past: Xal, Andrey, Hot Pie, NoirDetective....
    and many other users I will always respect... THANKS.
    I'll sometimes check for some theories and findings but I will never contribute here. I'll not highlight this thread, because some users may find it as negative thread, and I'm not doing this for attention.
    All I want is to say that you all are awesome, I don't hate anyone, and I wish you best luck here in real-life. ALL OF YOU. Even my past enemies...

    Thank you, good luck and goodbye.

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