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  • If you spam Andrey is a big meatball again, you will be banned, I'm giving you a warning.

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    • This was not spamming. I was saying "Andrey is a big meatball" while I came into chat and which is not spamming but normal chatting as I didn't do it¬†consecutively but one group at the time consisting of two lines. Did I really offend you? Did I really do some damage? Did I do something big? Can it be fixed? Ask yourself these questions. It wasn't even a serious spam. It was 3 or 4 "Andrey is a big meatball" sentences first one was around noon or 1pm CET second one was somewhere in early afternoon, and third (and if fourth) were/was somewhere around 6 or 7 pm. I believe this spam wasn't even that serious. This is so serious that I should have been to jail and chased down by police, FBI and the military (sarcasm)

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