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  • Guys I just found some new myhs at some random site. Anyway,here they are :


    GTA 1 and 2 are back

    If you have a PC, CRANK UP THE RESOLUTION, this will improve the texture quality, and allow you to see the egg. In your
    base on staunton island, go up the ramp, turn right, and drive past the park. If you keep going, you will arrive at the road,
    leading to the bridge, go past this and almost immediately, to the left, you will see a room (a LANcenter actually) which you
    can enter. Crash through the windows, get out of your car, and go to the computers to your left and look at the monitors of the
    ones nearest to the stairs. They are really screenshots of GTA 1 and 2 (GTA1 is located on the left and GTA2 on the right).


    Football Team

    First off you need a 'flatbed', then go to the stadium on the second island and park the flatbed FRONT FIRST against the entrance.
    Then get a mule and park it BACK FIRST at the entrance next to the flatbed. This is the tricky part, jump onto the back of the
    flatbed, then jump onto the bit where you sit and drive and you will notice a small invisible hill, stand on the top of this hill and
    jump on the back of the mule. From here you can see in the stands the word 'COCKS' written in them.

    Note : In GTA San Andreas there is a reference to the Libery City Cocks and Beavers on the talk radio station.


    Cone Man

    As you are coming out of the bridge heading to shoreside vale, turn left to the airport and continue down the road. Go up the
    stairs near the subway. There's a statue of a man on a horse with a flag.

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    Darkel is a character dropped during the development of Grand Theft Auto III. Little is known about the character, except that he
    was to be a revolutionary street urchin who vowed to bring down the city's economy. One mission involved stealing an ice cream
    van, using it to attract pedestrians, then blowing it up. This mission was given by El Burro in the final version of game, to kill a
    group of gang members. Darkel was also originally expected to give out Rampage-esque missions.
    Darkel had his voice recorded for this part by Bill Fiore, but was never used in game. However, the character remains listed in
    GTA III's manual's credits, as well as having a character texture retained in the game's data files. The official GTA III website
    suggests that Darkel was to reside in the Harbour Tunnel that runs underneath a portion of Portland.



    Curtly is the second known character to be deleted during game development, who was to be voiced by Curtis McClarin. Unlike Darkel,
    no information has been released regarding his role in the game or his significance to the original storyline. He is listed in the game's
    manual alongside Darkel, although there is no character texture on the data files.
    Some people think that Curtly was the first main character...


    The 7 libras

    "Ryuchou screen"
    For a long time, Hunters thinks that there was something to do here to obtain the Maibatsu Monstruosity (a sort of big 4WD).
    But nobody managed to make them move.
    Maibatsu is a name looking like a GTA2 character.

    The Long Wings Dodo

    Wy do the Dodo have short Wings?
    Wy Rockstar didn't gived us a perfect toy like a normal Dodo?
    This question drived Hunter to think that there is, somewhere in the game, a dodo with Long wings.
    Of course, nobody managed to find or unlock it.

    One of the clues was that if the Dod have short Wings, it's because we need to save it in a garage, or pass beetwin 2 buildings to find a
    secret room in another one, where we can" land" the Dodo...
    If this room exist, Rockstar manage to hide it really well.

    Character's name

    It was a real mystery, since the begenning of the Hunt in GTA3:
    What's the name of the Character?
    We never ear, or read it nowhere !

    We had to wait San Andreas to learn it: Claude !
    During a racing mission in San andreas "Farewell My Love", Catalina, the "girlfriend" of CJ, introduce to him her new lover: Claude ^^
    San Andreas runs before GTA3 in "normal" time, so we learn too that Catalina was the woman who putted Claude in the shit at the begenning of GTA3



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