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  • Hey guys this is just a stupid(In my opinion)little theory about Human Organs found by GunShow or someone, and that Burger Shot has human organs in its food.

    In Vice City there is a butcher shop where it sells human organs for transplants, like brains, livers and hearts and stuff.

    I think Burger Shot's staff bought those human parts from the butcher, like some sort of a black-market thingy?

    And the butcher shop probably is a black market. And when some murder happened they just scrapped the parts from the corpse undetected.

    You guys can leave your own opinions

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    • This just reminded me of something, I admin on a small scale GTA myths site on proboards and I had some evidence relating to just this. Let me see if I can find it.

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    • Alright, here is the primary evidence. In fact, it almost proves it: the official GTA SA website literally says that Burger Shot uses human meat in their food:


      edit: I also made a post about it here but there's nothing interesting there.

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    • And, maybe Burger Shot got it from the butcher shop that sells human organs?

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    • My theory can be unlikely

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    • "Since surviving claims that meat contained human remains after incident years ago"

      It gotta say something.



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    • incident = the human meat scandal

      surviving = did not close down

      surviving the incident = burger shot did not close down after the human meat scandal.

      I will admit that the building right across from the Carnicero Romero is actually a Well-stacked Pizza and not a Burger Shack however. Interpret that as you will.

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    • I think the Burger Shot human organs are Easter egg reference to McDonald's rumors about humans, worms and stuff like that in their burgers

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    • A FANDOM user
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