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  • The Radioactive Crates page says that the crates came from the Chernobyl incident, however, this is not true. If we translate the Oktyabr-28 text, we get the date October 28th. Well what happened on that day that involves Russia and nuclear weapons? On October 28th, 1962, the Cuban missile crisis came to an end as the Soviet Union removed all nuclear materials from Cuba. That solves one mystery, however, it brings about a new one: how did nuclear weapons from 1960's Russia end up in modern New York? More investigation is needed...

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    • Hmm, I think the crates may serve rather as an Easter egg, than a myth, because, as said by Gun, they are related to the Cuban thing. I don't know why the waste could be on the Platypus tho...

      P.S. It's not New York, it's Liberty City ;)

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