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  • It should be obvious that there is a large marking on the pavement in front of the Little Haiti office of the VCPA. The trail is of a different material than the rest of the dock, and part of me wants to say that it resembles skid marks moreso than bricks - implying that vehicles have been through the area recently. Moreover, following this trail will take you to a nearby garage, that is boarded up and derelict - perhaps to hide the contents inside. Since we all know that the VCPA is corrupt and perhaps involved in the drugs trade, I think this might be one of their methods of transporting goods out of the Little Haiti office.

    VCPA Trail

    Start of the trail.

    VCPA Trail-2

    Following it...

    VCPA Trail-3


    VCPA Trail-4

    Trip complete.

    VCPA Garage

    The garage itself. What a strange building.

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    • Lmao, I thought it was mentioned on the page. The humanity disappointed me again -.-

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