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  • Hello, and welcome to a very strange, yet interesting forum post.

    Today, we're going to be asking one question: What happens if you send money to Epsilon Program in real life?

    Now, I cannot answer this question as of yet, but maybe in the future I can.

    On the official Epsilon Program website owned by Rockstar Games, it states:


    Cris Formage 
    Epsilon Cult of America 
    PO Box 10012 
    Grand Canaria 
    Cayman Islands"


    Now, I am not the right person to talk to when it comes to geography, but from what I know, Cayman Islands is a place where all of the scammers are located, which are looking to scam you in some way, shape or form.

    However, this is a Rockstar Games owned website, so it should be safe, right?

    I don't wish to attempt anything just yet. For all I know, this could have just simply been a joke put in by Rockstar, making fun off of the Epsilon Program. But maybe they aren't? What if, sending just about any amount of money - to actually dare to, would reward you with a copy of, say, the robe Michael is wearing a few Epsilon missions inside of GTA V?

    The suspicious things so far are:

    - There's no specified amount of money to be sent. - They want us to send the money to Cayman Island, a place known for scamming people. - What you'll get, is not specified. - They state that you could also send a check. I mean, who sends a check anymore? - You can fax them.

    The interesting things are:

    - Paypal options are coming soon. - No one has documented sending any amount of money on the internet to them before.


    Epsilon Program website to send money: (Take Two Interactive Software - R*'s parent company)

    That's about it. If you find documentation about someone sending in his or her money, then please provide me with a link, as I'd like to know what happens, if no one has ever tried it before, then I'll be forced to take matters into my own hand, or, if any one of you would like to try, you're more than welcome to.

    Have a great day everyone.

    - GTA_Myth_Hunter01 out!

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    • The Cayman Islands is a tax haven; which means there is no income tax whatsoever; that often makes it the butt of a joke because plenty of CEOs, politicians, and the like have offshore accounts there to dodge taxes in their home country.

      There is no such island as "Grand Canaria." There is a Gran Canaria, located in Spain. More than likely though, it is based off the largest island in the archipelago, Grand Cayman.

      PO Box 10012 is actually a real PO Box in the Cayman Islands. It is not owned by Rockstar Games, if you send something, you'll get it back, as one redditor found out.

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    • Very interesting. I could make a guess and say that Rockstar Games misspelled "Gran Canaria", but that is highly unlikely, as they've updated the site plenty of times, after the website's original debut when GTA: SA came out.

      I'm happy you provided me with a link to an actual documented image, showcasing that sending money to this particular address, isn't going to give you anything in return, but the letter you've sent.

      I could say that this theory is "Busted!", but not until I've talked about the FAX number the Epsilon Program apparently have.

      It is most likely fake as well, but I would like to know if a secret message would show up, or anything interesting like that.

      The only reason for why I'm doing this, if to close off any undocumented theories, that could, or could not prove to be wrong.

      "There is still much more for me to cover, as I have made a return. I hope no one minds my theories, as I'll make sure they'll be well founded. And I'm counting on this community to bust any wrong myths/theories, as I'm sure someone has to have either seen or heard anything concluding, throughout their myth hunting career."

      Anyways, that's it for me. Have a great day everyone! Thank you once again for busting this part of the Epsilon Website Theory.

      - GTA_Myth_Hunter01, signing out!

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    • The fax line is actually real and is owned by Rockstar Games. As part of promotion for GTA V, if you were to fax this number, in return you would recieve a few pamplhets from the Cult aswell as a general piece of information telling the release of the game. With some internet sleuthing you could probably find these. After the game was released, I don't know what they currently do with the fax line.

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