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  • Over the past few days I've occasionally been working on a GTA 3 myths & Legends book based off the information on this wiki. I've got some of it done, and once I do complete it, I'll release all the pages on Imgur for everyone. In the final page, I hope to credit every prominent editror, forum speculator and other contributers. The size of the book will be about the size of a PlayStation 2 manual. Also, I have no idea if I'll finish the book before the year is over because I tend to procrastinate, but I've had a lot of fun so far so hopefully it turns out! Here are some images that illustrate what I'm sayi
    Gta Myths and Legends book
    Gta Myths and Legends book 2
    ng. And no, I'm NOT selling it; it's going to be free and it's made by you guys, not me. Edit: the images where downgraded when I uploaded them. Here are some Imgur links where they look better:

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