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  • Prawn Island is probably one of the best locations for modern day easter egg hunting, as nearly every crook and cranny contains a reference to music, movies or other video games. Well, let's add one more tally to the list.

    The Elbee drug store is actually a reference to the music video for Michael Jackson's Billie Jean.

    P15 RonaldsDrugs
    GTA Vice City Billie Jean

    If their identical appearance isn't enough, consider the following:

    • Prawn Island is the pop culture epicenter of Vice City. There are many more music and movie references on the island.
    • The drugstore on the music video is on an island, just like Prawn Island.
    • The music video takes place in a stylized 80's a e s t h e t i c version of Miami, just like Vice City.
    • Billie Jean plays on the radio. In fact, it is the first song players hear in the entire game as it plays in Ken's Admiral in the first mission. However, this includes special code to intentionally play Billie Jean, as it is not the first track on Flash FM's playlist, implying that Rockstar has a special connection to the song.
    • Elbee is very phoentically similar to Billie, especially if you swap out the letters to Belee.

    And many more that I haven't thought of yet.

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