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    I didn't bother to make a proper award, so enjoy this.

    I bet you were expecting some verbose listing categorized by malaprop usage of enigmatic words and egregious assault of the Thesaurus to make yours truly look more prophetic than I truly am. Well, I hope you came here to be disappointed, because I played myself by not preparing well enough for this despite a month of time. So let's begin...

    Best Overall Video

    GTM IV - Ratman by TheIndependent40

    Great editing. If you haven't seen it, I don't want to ruin the surprise...

    Best Editing

    GTA Vice City - Avery Carrington by Xalbador Gliese 581C

    The editing certainly isn't the best, but I appreciate the way it was done. It used ingame assets edited with an image tool to add the text, which gives it a retro but modern feeling at the same time. Very unique, and that is why I think it deserves recognition.

    Best Discoveries

    Johnny's Ghost by LS11sVaultBoy

    Too be frank, there were not many good discoveries inside the submitted videos, even in this one by Wiki bureaucrat VaultBoy. However, he does spot a strange pedestrian, not Johhny though, with some unusual properties. Check it out for yourself.

    Best Windows Movie Maker

    Woods Creature by SuperMythGangsta

    I did not even know this was Windows Movie Maker. I thought it was Sony Vegas, very poor Sony Vegas I admit, but Vegas nevertheless. SMG managed to pull off a myth video in WMM and make it look good. Kudos.

    Best Sony Vegas

    Hell House Myth by One True Slash

    You might think that this is here by process of elimination /- there were two SV videos and one of them already won an award. Don't be confused, there is actually a decent video under this shell

    Best Adobe After Effects

    hahaha who uses aae

    So there you have it. The Video Competition was hyped up to be something more than I could do, and I just completely winged it and improv'd this. I admit, the VC was falling even lower due to expanding due dates, my Keyboard and computer in general being in various states of "fucked-up," and of course personal reasons. But I hope you enjoyed it, and I plan on hosting another one in another year... or a few months.

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