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  • So I was walking around at the Haunted Haitian Drug Factory, which appeared in it's previous state due to the common glitch. Normal enough. Well, I saw a pedestrian walking around this place, which as far as I am concerned, is also normal. Well, I saw this one pedestrian walking around, the first ped I saw in there actually, so as a new myth hunter in VC I was exited and followed him around. Well, it just so happened that a Haitian spawned in there, and was taunting Tommy. I turned around for about ONE second to shoot him with my revolver. Well, when I looked back, the pedestrian just  dead for no reason (I didn't see the cause.) Even stranger, a few seconds later, I started shooting his corpse. No blood came out at all, the only impact was the ground. When I tried on the Haitan's corpse, there was blood on impact. It was almost like this guy was a ghost or something.


    The ped walking around


    He dropped dead out of nowhere


    No blood whatsoever.

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    • Interesting. I'm highlighting this.

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    • Nice, i could not get the cause for now.

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    • Well there is some glitch that appear in 3D universe GTA that cause the pedestrian real body disappear and a fake one appears on the floor, the real body can still be shot and bleed and cause the fake one to move like it was been shot.

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    • The factory is all glitched up, I've even spotted random criminal activity in that region, even weird when it gets back to it's old state at times after the completion. 

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    • I forgot to mention the blood phenomenon is due to the reason that VC doesn't load codes at times, this most popularly happens with cops, also known as Supercops. It can turn out really creepy at times. I recall when the blood wasn't vanishing and stayed spill there for like 20 minutes, all this stuff makes us think about ghouls and spirits. Pretty creepy tbh.

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