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  • As many know, the Mt Chiliad mural has been unsolved for the past 3 years but the egg has been cracked. I have full proof that it is and I will give you link for yourself.

    Epsilon Tract/The Complete Tract - GTA Wiki - Wikia

    Chapter 3 Verse 1 Chi

    Give and you shall receive. As someone else said, but whomever said that was themselves a brilliant man and a friend of Cris, as all brilliant men are, and a fantastic Epsilonist like all the greater thinkers and philosophers and celebrities. The literature has been clear on that, and now the tract makes clear. Indeed, there is a lake where truth lives and in this lake an egg lived and out of that egg came forth a whole world. And that world was this world and this metaphor now ends, and a new one begins. The new metaphor is the tract and the tract is truth and truth form and a few ideas laid down and many left out.

    The line 'Indeed, there is a lake where truth lies [the Alamao Sea] and in this lake an egg lived and out came that egg came forth the world.'

    On the mural, there is a cracked egg, 'out came that egg came forth a whole world.'

    The cracked egg on the mural represents the egg that cracked in the Alamao Sea to create the whole worl, further explaining the Epsilon Program badge on the badge of Los Santos.

    This makes Cris Formage God, which also explains the cutscene for your first death on GTA Online, and the Epsilon the real religion.

    Please leave your thoughts.

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    • I saw this on a NoughtPointFourLive video.

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