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  • Hello guys im sharing another 3 theories for you to know ,tell me what do you think below.

    ====THEORY "ONE"====                                                                                                                                                                                    Romero's family may be long time in business working for a long time,and their Great Grandpa may have started it,and to his successors in order to countinue family business (So the business wont bankrupt) he left an four skeletons (which he probably dug up from another grave or killed) in an empty space behind The house  and with them they could sell organs with that idea the family could bury more people and take their organs,so the company could make more money.                 


    Romero's may be a cannibalistic family so they kill people,sell their organs and eat the remains, then bury the skeletons.So they may be a cannibalistic family that wants much money.


    Romero's may had a sucessful company but it suddenly bankrupted so Romero's had a little cemetery behind their shop that was closed because of poor conditions,so Romero's decided to dug up the bodies there stole the organs and bury the skeletons to make a shop,they also stole tombstones  to make another shop to sell them.So the family can sucess with the business.                                                                                                                  

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