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  • Hey guys, I'm back with some excuisive shiz that I found today when I opened YouTube. I've been lately not hunting for a long time, but now I've got something I am sure you guys never saw. Ghost Train, behold.

    I found this video. Here, in the mission Snail Trail, when you follow the train which the reporter has boarded, while that, a second train comes between for you to change sides. But what no one ever though of was, does that second train have anything to do with myths or glitches? Well, one user did prove it, x3D. He followed that train, and saw that it has a strange AI path which Rockstar either did program it to follow intentionally, or it is just simply a glitch. The train when it arrives in Cranberry Station, turns straight right and keeps moving on air. That's right, on air. For the game, it's a solid path for the train but for us it's floating. This train keeps going towards a straight path until it hit's the destination as you can see in the video.

    And those who think this is fake, I did the misson myself and saw it is true. I followed it using the passenger feature on S0beit and stayed on it until it hit the destination. Here is the savegame download and here are my pictures :
    Ghost Train's first sighting

    First sighting of it by me

    Ghost Train's second sighting

    Second sighting of it, floating

    Landing of the Ghost Train

    It's landing destination

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