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  • Hey guys. I was checking out Suicidal peds near Verdant bluffs. When I founded a ped talking to another female ped about Epsilonism and he was saying that "Some very big thing is going to happen", I dont know what he is talking about. But the female ped not replied to him so he walk down the slope into the pond and drowned. After few seconds the female ped also walk down the slope into the pond but she swims when she reaches the point where she should drown. So I thought to go Blueberry find something about that ped. When I reached there I started searching that ped. [Still Searching]. Do you guys think that, that ped is a cult member?


    The Epsilon Cult Member

    F (1)

    Dead Cult Member.


    The female which was sitting beside that Cult Member.


    Female ped swimming


    The truck terminal.

    Red Truck And Strange Blue Glow


    Inside view of the terminal


    Truck Terminal, Red County.

    I founded an old truck terminal; the strange thing about that terminal is that it was glowing blue color inside. In Red County, you'll find a large sign post saying "Truck Terminal Red County", with the word "Truck" and "Red" on top of each other on the left side.

    You can look in the pictures about it.

    Note: This find belongs to the Bigfoot's Temple.

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