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  • I have talked about this before, In an mission with the Epsilon Program you will end up in a warehouse, inside it it stands on an wall poster,


    And some of you said they won`t make an update for an so old game, but guess what, I read they had an update in June 2014, That means they still updating it!

    Say your toughts...

    This could be a huge thing!


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    • Yes, but in this article I made it to prove that Rockstar still works on the game, your guys said "I doubt they will make an update in an so old game as that"

      And I found out they made an update, that means they could be an update in the future...



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    • This update had to do with the removal and replacement of the Gamespy service (which is shutting down). Either they had to update it to change it to a different service or the multiplayer would stop working.

      Like I said, there's a big difference between this and a content update or expansion.

      "Epsilon building coming to Liberty City in 2016" just means that the Epsilon cult has plans to build a center in Liberty City three years after the events of GTA V. I don't see how it points to anything else.

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    • Under the text there was a picture of New York and the Epsilon Building, I regognised the place, why make a picture about it when not usining to uilding?

      i think they are planning to make GTA 6 as a place where you could fly to different San Andreas, New York, London, who knows?

      I will post the picture of the Epsilon Building soon...


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    • Well, I don't think so.

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    • I think GTA 4 will get an update in 2018 on its 10th year anniversary. GTA SA was released for mobile devices and I believe the 360n in 2014.

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