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  • Donald Love the politic and umm "rich" is canibal this is text taken from liberty city cemetery text"their bodies were collected by Donald Love, presumably for him to eat on his flight out of Liberty City"and Giovani Cassa he was turned into sausage meat and sold to who?it still canibalizm next is Grand Theft Auto:Vice City Stories i think (only)think that mendez brothers not shooted to louize becose too much blood for only one bullet she was eated by Diego and only then all my posted blogs i again say:::

    • NOTE* i'm not from england or/and america so don't judge me for mystakes i did in blog
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    • I don't support this theory.You have no screenshot to prove the "text" about Donald Love taking the bodies,nor that he would eat them.I support about Giovanni Casa though.And how do you know Armando shot Louise with just one bullet?What if they actually tortured her?And she wasn't eaten,she was still alive and she died infront of Vic,so there is no chance for her first to be eaten if Vic was there,and I think Vic would have taken her body and bury it at an cemetery.And,you have no proof Diego would have eaten her anyway,and how Diego would eat her first then shoot?Victor found her still alive,on the verge of death.If Diego would eat her,Louise would be dead already.And also,why is this in the GTA III board?

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    • first i don't say it is i just think it is and it on gta 3 board becose text in this blog taken from liberty city grave yeard.She seems to be shooted only one bullet and as i said too much blood.

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