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Thor's Norse Power Program is an advertisement in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Thor, a Norse deity, runs a program in Vice City, known as the Norse Power Program, aiming to promote Norse pillages in the game. The Norse Power Program also extracts myths of the Vikings to answer the civilians of Vice City.

Female: Thor changed my life.
Male: Author of two bestselling self help books translated from the original runic into 25 languages, Thor has helped millions realize their dreams.
Thor: Beware of the trap set by the frost giants, carry your magic hammer.(Crowd Cheers)
Male: Available on record or cassette the personal Norse power program looks to the myths of the Vikings for answers.
Female: Can you give my husband an ounce of advice to help keep things hot in the bedroom?
Thor: Take a longboat with 20 of your finest men, head to where the sun sets, there you will find a village, pillage thunder and burn all that you find!
Male: And if you order now, you'll receive Thor's subliminal tape series. So you gain wisdom of the Gods while sleeping.
Male #2: Accept the crystal cup at the feast beware of the dwarf.
Male: Thors personal Norse power program, call now 866-PILLAGE. That's 866-PILLAGE