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Did the tunaskin-goatskin boots give you a clue maybe? I am a Viking. And a Viking that will not only help you unleash the fury's but unleash yourself. It's in my Thor's Norse Power Program.


Thor is a character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Thor, the famous Norse deity, has been featured in GTA Vice City. Though, he doesn't physically exist in the game, two long spanning chat sessions can be heard on the K-Chat, involving Thor and several of his followers in Vice City. During the chat sessions, Thor emphasizes the importance of Valhalla culture involving many other Norse characters, such as Helga, Pixie Goblin and Vikings. Kent Paul knows about the early life of Thor and describes Thor as a disillusioned individual, believing that he might be a Viking instead of Thor, who he now claims to be. Thor runs a program known as Thor's Norse Power Program. TJay, a Vice City citizen, runs Thor's fan club in the city. Some practice and culture details mentioned by Thor are as follows:

An elder once taught me, you must unlearn what you have learnt. Of course then he died of the green plague. There are some Vikings that are a bloodthirsty lot yes. But no more then anyone else, really. We're a nomadic people Amy, we have cold fire in our soles. You have that fire too Amy, you've just lost it since you got in television. Now, that being said, I'll answer you question. We're mostly non-violent, though many of the Vikings traveled to Scotland. And min ya, anyone who goes there will turn bloodthirsty, you can't understand the lot are saying. It's all afore, reckle, aboot, dinnea, it's enough to make you want to burn a village to the ground. That's why in my cassette series, I talk about the importance of communication. You see Amy, men and women live in different worlds. We use different words.



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