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The Wayfarer Bug is a glitch in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The glitch was first discovered by a YouTuber named brutallillfjomp in the year 2011.[1] According to claims made by the player, there were previous reports about the passenger's face being distorted while sitting on the Wayfarer. Later on, an investigation was conducted by the same YouTuber in the multiplayer version of the game. During the investigation, the YouTuber observed that the face of his fellow companion, who was sitting on the Wayfarer, was distorted. The glitch could be specific to the multiplayer version or even a result of cheat codes. However, the likes of myths such as the Ghost Girl have previously demonstrated that motorcycles can distort, damage or even make pedestrians and players disappear while on motorcycles, thus making the reliability of the reports about the glitch as plausible, with the possible explanation being a bug in the game files itself.