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The Tunnel is a mystery in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto IV.


The Tunnel is a horror film produced in Grand Theft Auto III. It's based on the Porter Tunnel as evident from the movie posters. The poster also features a beta Sentinel in the tunnel with the tagline of the movie reading;

It's Dark Down There...In The Tunnel

Holding the tagline of the movie, the genre is assumed to be horror. The tagline could also hint towards an inexplicable or dark force wandering in the tunnel but no theory has come across to be authentic due to the lack of references in the game itself with the cryptic tagline, Porter Tunnel, and a beta Sentinel.

It has been theorized that the tagline contains a cryptic context about mole people. Homeless people are part of an urban legend in real life Liberty City, these people are rumored to be the homeless living under tunnels in groups.[1] Over the time, they have been linked to ghosts and vague monsters. However, the theory isn't authentic because of no in-game or technical confirmation.

In 2018, the mystery was given a substantial magnification due to the uncovering of facts discovered by a YouTube myth hunter called m0bilemyth hunterTM.[2] The user discovered a group of homeless people taking refuge in the Portland tunnel.
Cult Inside the Tunnel! GTA III Myths Pt

Cult Inside the Tunnel! GTA III Myths Pt.1

This group was allegedly standing in a circle, which is a common sign of a witch circle in mythology,[3] in recent times, it has been linked towards cult groups. Therefore, this group is regarded as a cult. This mystery is further perplexed by the incorporation of Darkel in the myth. The tunnel was supposedly inhabited by Darkel, a character with notorious cult, who was deleted from the final version of the game.

Ironically, the movie was hinted again in Grand Theft Auto IV by a security guard at the end of the Booth Tunnel in Alderney. The security guard speaks vaguely that he didn't want to pursue the job due to fear as the movie "The Tunnel" was filmed in the very tunnel. This particular piece of hint and continuation of the mystery may help to garner more collective evidence but the mystery remains unsolved for now.




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