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The Snakehead is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He is the boss of the Da Nang Boys, a Vietnamese crime syndicate in San Fierro.

The Mission

In the mission The Da Nang Thang, The Snakehead is cornered by CJ in the bridge of a ship after CJ engages in battle with his gang members. The Snakehead then arms himself with a katana, a Japanese sword most notably wielded by samurai, and then throws one to CJ for a final showdown. CJ can then kill him with the sword or switch to another weapon and end the fight faster. With the use of katana, it is possible for CJ to decapitate The Snakehead.

Is The Snakehead still alive?

After the mission in which CJ kills The Snakehead, the player can go to Cobra Marital Arts Gym in San Fierro, and spar with the gym's sensei who appears to have the same skin as The Snakehead. Additionally, the gym shares a part of its name with a breed of snake, which is a cobra, possibly hinting at a link between the two. It is possible that The Snakehead is hiding out and trying to stay off the police's radar after the recent takedown of his gang.

It is unknown how he is still alive unless he somehow survived the encounter with CJ, which resulted in his head getting chopped off. It is also possible that the sensei is a completely different person who simply shares The Snakehead's skin and Rockstar got lazy during development or did not have enough time to create a skin for the sensei and thought most players wouldn't notice.

Cobra Marital Arts Gym

The gym, located in Garcia San Fierro, is focused on teaching martial arts, but it does have traditional weights and a treadmill. The gym's name is probably an Easter egg in reference to the Cobra Martial Arts gym in the movie The Karate Kid and the sensei most likely is intended to bear some resemblance to Mr. Miyagi.

The gym's name in the game is spelled "marital" instead of "martial," most likely to parody the conflict married couples experience as a result of their differences and long-term relationship difficulties. The sensei cannot be killed inside the gym and is available to spar with 24/7.


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