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The Roof is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


The Roof is the name given to an area of a building found in northern Downtown Vice City, near the dirt track. The only way to access the roof is by a staircase located on the west side of the building, in the alleys. The staircase first caught the attention of myth hunters because of it's peculiar texture, showing a pearlescent green color that frequently flickers or disappears. It's also one of the few staircases in all of Vice City that can be used by pedestrians.

When the player travels up to the roof, there will be bizarre pedestrian behavior. For example, pedestrians on the staircase will begin to move horizontally and repeatedly run into the guardrail or walls. Some other pedestrians just stand idly on the stairs doing nothing.

The Roof is most notorious for reports of suicidal pedestrians. As Vic approaches the northern edge of the roof, a pedestrian will suddenly spawn right in front of him and drop dead. The sudden death of this pedestrian may also cause nearby peds to go into panic mode and run off the building themselves, which can be mistaken for suicidal behavior.

It's unknown what causes the mysterious dead pedestrian to spawn, but it may be that the game spawns him in by accident before immediately killing him to account for the mistake, or it may be a glitch in the level's geography that deals crushing damage to the spawned pedestrian, killing him instantly.


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