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At the very center of the state of San Andreas, Blueberry is a farming community, and home to the Fleischberg Brewery. To the west of a local farm, Blueberry Acres lays a large hill, known locally as The Panopticon. The Panopticon affords views of both Bone and Flint Counties and Easter basin Airport, serving San Fierro. We're sure some crime takes place here, only currently, we don't know what.

–Rockstar Games

The Panopticon is a prominent mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is an abandoned sawmill located on a hill in Red County, near the town of Blueberry.


The Panopticon is an area that is relatively open, set in a dense forest on a hill. There are various shacks with few blood-like textures situated around the hill, and many tree stumps and logs litter the area. The logging site appeared to be very busy and profitable at one point, but it was abandoned for unknown reasons. 

Many myths center around this area, such as the myth of Leatherface, the masked antagonist from the horror film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. One of the shacks has been covered with bloodstains on the floor. Either this was the work of Leatherface, or there were little to no safety standards. However, as the Panopticon served Blueberry as a logging camp, there is the possibility that the supposed "blood" is just tree sap. There is a Chainsaw that spawns on the hill. Also, a beater Glendale spawns inside one of the shacks. Sometimes, a Vortex spawns in one of the shacks. It has been speculated that the Vortex may also help victims to escape from the killer.

The definition of the word Panopticon is a large circular-shaped prison, which is designed in a way so that a watchman will be able to observe all inmates at once.



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