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Carl Johnson: What's with all the aluminum foil, man?
The Truth: Protection from mind control, dude.

–Carl complaining about tin foil kept in the back of the car.

The Mothership is a mythical vehicle in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The Mothership is a unique Camper owned by The Truth. It has a psychedelic hippie paint job. The Truth mentions that the engine block is held together with a macrame hammock and that it runs on 15-year-old cooking oil. Its license plate reads "EREHTTUO", which is out there spelled backwards, a pun referencing the cut mission The Truth is Out There. The Truth uses the vehicle as a means of transport around the state.


Players speculated that the vehicle is associated with some myths.

Green Goo

Players have theorized that The Truth keeps Green Goo in the car, as it is last seen in the vehicle when The Truth drives away with it.

Aluminum foil

During Are You Going To San Fierro?, Carl Johnson asks The Truth about the aluminum foil kept in the back of the car, while The Truth claims it protects from mind control. In reality, Truth likely stores the foil to mask the smell of the marijuana he often keeps in the van.

Lurking around Area 69

The Truth: CJ. I've nosed too deep this time!
Carl Johnson: I've told you about that stuff, Truthman! Lay off the 'caine, dude!
The Truth: No. I didn't mean that! The grey government want me out of the way!

–The Truth informing Carl about him being in trouble for lurking around Area 69.

Some players believe that The Truth is driving around in the Mothership and spies on Area 69. The beta mission The Truth is Out There proves the rumor, as The Truth says that he was actually nosing around Area 69 and the FBI is after him, but there were no actual sightings yet, thus marking the rumor as possible.


  • When The Truth mentions Herbie, he may be referring either to the actual Mothership or to his previous vehicle.
  • The Truth's license plate "EREHTTUO" is also a reference to "the truth is out there", the slogan of the paranormal thriller show The X-Files.