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The Matrix is a retro myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The myth came in the spotlight when several web users started interconnecting facts in GTA Vice City to references from the 1999 movie The Matrix. In the beginning, the Adrenaline pills were a debated topics in relation to these connections. According to myth hunters, these Adrenaline pills are a reference to blue and red pills from the Matrix, which enable the individual to enter the world of virtual reality. Players have said that, along with this fact, these pills make Tommy Vercetti function in slow motion, much similar to abilities of The One in The Matrix movie.

Other facts include the existence of the supercop which have been linked to the agents in The Matrix. Players claim that these supercops are a reference to the agents in Matrix who seek to abduct their opposition, in this case Tommy Vercetti. Players back their claim and put forward the abilities of these supercops as evidence.

Years later when the Matrix House was discovered, it was said that code like textures also exist in GTA Vice City, and upon entering the house, the player enters into the world of virtual reality. Some YouTubers have made false videos on the internet with Tommy Vercetti playing in the world of the Matrix but these videos are just hoaxes and mods. Prior to the discovery of the Matrix House, the Ghost World was often said to be the Matrix. Moreover, it has been rumored that the phone booths may also serve as an entrance to the Matrix but this is just another rumor as a result of online modded videos.

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