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The Lost MC Clubhouse is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto V.


The Lost MC Clubhouse is the main headquarters for the Lost motorcycle gang in Blaine County, acting along with another clubhouse found in Vinewood. The clubhouse was active with gang members frequently visiting until the mission Mr. Philips, where Trevor visits the clubhouse to chase and hunt down the Lost's remaining members. After the mission, bikers still spawn at the clubhouse but their appearance is rare, mostly spawning during late night hours.

The clubhouse is located in the southwest part of Grapeseed, found at the start of the MacKenzie Airfield runway. It's connected to the main road by a dirt trail that runs through the rest of the block. A wooden storehouse is found north of the clubhouse. To the west is the R. L. Hunter & Sons factory, appearing to be in a state of disrepair, and likely occupied by Lost members.

The clubhouse itself is a small wooden house with no standout features. It's in a state of heavy decay, as many some of the wooden boards have been ripped off to expose the inner drywall. Additionally, there are vines growing across some areas. Near the entrance is a large red stain, which could either be blood or some red paint. The exterior is littered with garbage. Most of the Lost MC members hang around a canopy on the house's east side, containing a flying Lost banner and a strange green fluorescent light.


The clubhouse serves as a minor location for sightings of Johnny Klebitz's Ghost, given it's nature as a Lost MC hideout. Since Johnny was not killed at the clubhouse, it's very unlikely that his ghost would appear in the area. Additionally, the clubhouse just isn't popular among myth hunters, further putting it's mythical status in jeopardy.

Many sightings of Johnny's ghost can likely be blamed on the Lost MC members themselves. An unaware player could spot a biker in the distance with the Lost's distinct jacket and confuse him for Johnny. When playing as Trevor, the bikers will instantly get aggressive and fire at the player with pistols. If the player has low health, the attacking gang members could be confused as a "random" death.