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The Hairy Beast from Hell is a monster genre movie in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Apparent from the condition of the ripped promotional poster, it's likely that the movie was released prior to 1986 and possibly from the Golden Age of Hollywood, due to the fact that the name of the movie is influenced by a 1957 science-fiction movie, Monster from Green Hell, directed by Kenneth G. Crane. Although the plot is inspired by a 1933 movie, King Kong, as a monstrous ape can be seen on the poster.

The film was produced by InterGlobal Studios. The name can also be a reference to Adult Humor, because of "hairy beast", which is a slang term for a penis. Fortunately, the background of the movie describes the timeline of the studios and that it existed from the early times of Vice City. It featured the tagline "GET OUT OF HIS WAY - BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!" It is unknown as to whether it included a female lead or not.