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The Fellowship Enlightenment Center is a rehabilitation institute and a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto IV.


The Enlightenment Center is located in Dukes and is supposedly owned by the Epsilon Program. The building shares the same baby blue theme as the Epsilon Program and the word Fellowship is frequently used by Cris Formage on WCTR to describe the program. For the last time Lazlow, this is not a Cult, it's a Fellowship of like-minded adults. The center is also mentioned in the Kifflom Teaser, The Epsilon Program does not exist in just one time or place. Come visit our Enlightenment Center.

The Fellowship Literature and Media Center is also located in Liberty City. It's likely that the Program uses media for promotion, such as Cris Formage's book It Happened To Us All, and all the radio shows and websites they lead, plus the music with Maccer and the Gurning Chimps, and Jezz Torrent from Love Fist.

Ravenvamp11 is believed to be a member of the center.