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For a serial killer in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, see Mr. Trenchcoat

The Drifter is an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto V.


In a video uploaded on YouTube, the Drifter can be seen standing in the Grand Senora Desert, shooting at the player with a shotgun. According to video and photo evidence, the Drifter is most likely a male, dressed in what appears to be a black trenchcoat, black pants and shoes, and a black cowboy hat. However, adjusting the photograph reveals that the clothing could also be gray.

The name The Drifter is derived from the fact that the pedestrian initially was reported to have been seen in the desert wilderness with no information about either his history or his residence available.


The myth is rare and therefore few sightings has been made. The Drifter has, however, been caught on camera at least once.

The initial sighting of the Drifter found him standing on the side of a road in the Senora National Park area attacking the player upon sight with a shotgun.

No theories about the Drifter exist as of yet. He could possibly be a glitched pedestrian.

Video Investigation

Initial video

Initial video


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