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The Darkness of Ganton is a glitch in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Occasionally, players can see a large dark area from above covering most of Ganton. It is located by flying very high, above aircraft limits, and then falling and looking down onto Ganton. Because of how high the player has to be, a trainer or flying mod has to be used.

This glitch has also been seen in Back O' Beyond, although it is not as prominent in the game as the Ganton glitch. A myth hunter found it while investigating before falling into the glitch.

There is a high chance that it is connected with the Hidden Interiors Universe, as the darkness appears to be similar to the black background of the universe. It is also similar to the Back O' Beyond Teleporter.

It may be connected with the Skydoor myth and Mothman, both of which also feature in GTA San Andreas, as the Skydoor is also above the aircraft limits and Mothman is usually seen in dark weather.


  • The glitch can be hard to spot because once it appears, it disappears quite quickly.