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The Dark Alley is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The Dark Alley is situated in Little Haiti, adjacent to the Haunted Haitian Drug Factory. The entrance to the Alley is blocked by walls and the only way accessible is by jumping from a vehicle into the Alley. The Alley isn’t a standard alley but rather a small path for unknown purposes and the name of the area was given by myth hunters, titling the area as an "alley" regardless of the original purpose. Players have reported that to hear strange sounds in the alley but these sounds are pretty much similar to the ambiance sounds in the game. Excluding the small enclosed space, the entire region is surrounded by the Haitian gang, willing to attack the player once sighted. The walls enclosing the alley are formed due to technical glitches and disappear over the time, giving a perfect impression of a ghost alley.



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