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The Bleeding Trees are an unlikely yet mysterious myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The effect in the unmodded game.

The Bleeding Trees are a myth discovered in 2010 on YouTube.[1] The myth hunter discovered several trees around Angel Pine, that heavily bleed upon being shot at. This strange occurrence is never investigated in detail, thus the actual reality remains unknown. When the tree was being shot, more blood than normal came out of the tree, it could possibly mean that this was a modification called GTA SA Effects Mod, that could've confused the myth hunter into thinking the effect from shooting the tree was blood.[2] It could've been a reference to bloodwood but due to the intensity of the blood as it springs out of the tree, the reference is very unlikely, and that the modification is the more likely scenario, but it still remains a mystery. These trees may also exist elsewhere outside Angel Pine.

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GTA SA Myth - Bleeding Trees