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The Alien Base is a rumored mythical location in Grand Theft Auto IV.


While this myth is very old, there is still a small subset of players who believe in it, and its series of YouTube videos remain popular. The myth states that if the player goes very far into the ocean, there will be heavy signs of Alien activity, including inexplicable noises and even possible sightings of a UFO. However, this myth loses credibility if one considers the fact that in GTA IV, vehicles will explode and/or kill the player if he treads too far out sea. There is also a general lack of evidence supporting this theory. The supposed "alien base" does not have any reported sightings, and appears to just be folklore added by fans after the inception of the myth. Overall, the Alien Base was important to the early development of myths in GTA IV's community, but has aged poorly and is most likely false.

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