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The Technological Singularity (also simply the ‘’’Singularity’’’) is a hypothetical future event in the future where artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence, resulting in unfathomable changes to civilization. Generally, the singularity is the result of the development of AI as intelligent as a human being and capable of self-awareness. As a result, there are claims throughout the GTA series that various AI and robots may have developed self-awareness and perhaps even lurk around the game worlds as a means of increasing their knowledge. The singularity would be marked by public appearances of robots, drones, androids, unexplained radio signals, autonomous vehicles without drivers, as is suggested to have happened in Grand Theft Auto V and some other GTA games.


The singularity is indirectly suggested to be behind the myth of the Domestobots, who do in fact exist in the GTA Universe. What’s more, the Domestobots were most prominent in the 1980s and 1990s, an era where artificial intelligence was notoriously limited in capability despite the seeming intelligence of the Domestobots themselves.


If it is true that the singularity occurred prior to the earlier 3D titles, this could retroactively explain various other myths in the GTA series, including the phenomena of ghost cars and ghost planes, both of which could be described as autonomous vehicles controlled by as-yet imperfect AI. In GTA V, however, the myth is chiefly said to manifest as a conspiracy that acts as a precursor to the apocalypse.

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