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Taylor Anderson is a mythical character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The character is more fictional than mythical, as demonstrated by later searches and is assumed to have originated from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Taylor Anderson was said to be a mystic that assisted Tommy Vercetti, Avery Carrington, and Ken Rosenberg in fleeing the reported ghost of Sonny Forelli. According to the tale, Taylor exorcised the Johnson House from the ghost of Beverly Johnson, but no such events took place in GTA San Andreas or its official prequel video, solely restricting the myth to GTA Vice City as a rumor. Taylor reportedly lives in Angel Pine, giving him the moniker the Angel Pine Mystic and was rumored to have never returned to the town when he flew to Vice City to help the Vercetti Estate inhabitants. Further theories mention that he still wanders in Vice City. The entire storyline was demonstrated to be fallacious and a complete work of fiction. It originated from the GTA Place Forums with major plot errors, thus abandoning the myth as a hoax and false.


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